F.E.A.R started by the original owner, FEARGAMES, While Sonic's FEAR came 1st war clan wise, FEARGAMES decided to make us a war clan instead of a fan group. Many leaders such as Thebeast, and TheIrishPenguin have worked hard to make the clan what it is today, starting with our history, and continuing till the next leader. Thebeast was leader for a fair perior of time, becoming one of the most important people, and eventually after focusing in middle school over online, losing activity in FEAR, leading to the rebellion against him lead by Lordshadow4, goofyninjafighter, and elitebossofwar. This lead to him stepping down, which lead to Sledge, Irish, and Cheesecake being leader. Cheesecake was inactive with irish gave him the group, causing Briest, and thegreat to be the only active HRs, trainings, mostly lead by Briest, kept the group alive till cheese eventually gave the group up to sledge again. during DevLexi's time, the group was taken, and almost destroyed, Incrypition hacked devlexi's account to transfer the group to several people, such as sparffy, snoopdogg, and killmaster, This eventually lead the group into the hands of Sledge once again, who passed it to TheJokerToxic. Joker, being a major member of VAK, changed the group in many ways, especially in belief.

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