By far the sexiest and best looking leader F.E.A.R ever had, far outstripping Sledge327, his closest contender, TheBeast124 is predominantly considered the most competent and well liked leader the group has ever had. Aside from his stunning good looks and incredible fashion sense (TheBeast124 is credited with legalizing gay marriage by himself with his purchase of the Rainbow Fedora in 2012), TheBeast124 was also blessed with so far unmatched leadership skills and remarkable maturity for one so young.


Known simply as 'TheB' or 'Beast', he joined F.E.A.R his first day on the website (11/4/2010) and became leader in 2011. Under his command, F.E.A.R grew from 8,000 members to well over 11,000, got a dope new logo, and began using literally the coolest high rank trench coat ever devised.

History of Membership

Beast joined the group in 2010 when the group was owned by Einstien123, and was quickly promoted to Major (the highest rank without admin privileges) due to an admin attack. He befriended then high ranks NelsonMandela and Kingruan, and became a HR in 2011 under then leader NelsonMandela. After FEAR was sold to the BTMpire in 2011, Beast became a General and was third in command of FEAR after Kingruan and Boba himself. By late 2011, Kingruan was gone and Beast lead FEAR as Head General with Sledge as his SiC while the group was still under the BTMpire.

On November 28, 2011, BobatheMan left all of his groups ownerless and deleted his account (some say he was hacked, others say banned). This is a forum post from that day.[1] A random member with BC claimed ownership of the group, and then gave it to Beast for free. Beast was just over 11 years old.

There was some form of rebellion against Beast's leadership (see here) in June of 2012. On July 13, 2012, Beast gave the group to Sledge, and moved on to play Minecraft, because that game was actually fun.

Beast prioritized fun in the group rather than strict discipline, and strived to make sure that every training was enjoyable. He spent a lot of time in the group's official personal build server, FEAR Offices. Under his leadership the group swelled from 8,000 to 13,000 members in the 8 months he was in charge.

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